EOL Biodiversity Card Resources

Biodiversity cards are a fun way to share and learn about the traits or characteristics of organisms. Find out about their conservation status, where they live, how big they are, and how long they live. Use the cards in games, lessons or as field guides.

Start by using EOL’s pre-made cards or copying cards to make your own decks. Cards can also be copied and customized or make your own! Information about card types, tutorials on how to make cards and resources to keep your trait data in order are all listed below. Have fun!

Card Types

There are different card types available. You will find them in all public decks and you can customize and add any of these cards to your own decks.

  • Trait

    Share an image and trait information about a species or taxon group

  • Title

    Customize decks with descriptive title cards

  • Project

    Add information about the deck and your project or organization

  • Vocab

    Include definitions for words found on Biodiversity Cards

  • Key

    Helps interpret information on Biodiversity Cards


These short tutorials will give you an overview of the EOL Card Maker and how to make your own Biodiversity Cards.


The following lesson plans use pre-made EOL Biodiversity Cards. They are examples of how to incorporate cards into your learning activities. The possibilities are endless!

Lesson Plans

Most EOL Lesson Plans can incorporate Biodiversity Cards. Here are a few examples:

Data Resources and Organizers

Making cards requires researching trait information for your organisms of interest. In this section you will find good trait data resources and data organizers to keep data and references in a format easy to transfer into your EOL Biodiversity Cards.

Create a Trait Card in four easy steps:

  • Choose species
    1. Choose a species
  • Research
    2. Research traits
  • Create
    3. Create card in Card Maker
  • Publish
    4. Publish or print card

Trait Data Resources and Organizers